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Technology Resource Service, Inc. offers a broad range of highly qualified consultants to our clients. We understand the need for companies to utilize technology in order to gain a competitive advantage. Whether building new architecture, integrating new technologies with legacy applications, conducting quality assurance or project management, Technology Resource Services has the expertise and experience to best serve your needs. We get to know our clients and their businesses and provide professional services customized to their particular needs. We discuss the world of BI (Business Intelligence), OLAP and knowledge management with our clients and encourage them to share their stories and explore options.

We offer a broad range of services targeted to this market including:
  Analytics & Reporting   Database Administrator
  >Business objects
>Crystal reporting
>Report net
>Micro strategy
>MS Access
  ETL (Extract Transformation Load)   Web Technologies
> Infomatica
> Ascential Data stage
> Data integrator
> Data Junction
> Ab Initio
> Java
> J2EE
> .Net
  Data warehousing   Data modeler
> Setting up datamarts for each deaprtments
> Utilization of the most from all of Oracle8 databases' new data warehousing features
> Select the right hardware architecture to support a data warehouse
> Design and build a data warehouse for optimum performance.
> Load data into a data warehouse.
> Aggregate data for improved processing performance
> Distribute and analyze data using advanced OLAP techniques
> Administer and maintain your data warehouse
> Monitor and fine-tune data warehouse performance
> Reverse engineer an existing database to create physical, conceptual, and object-oriented models
> Implementation details, such as triggers, procedures and views.
> Database creation scripts
> Physical data models
> Conceptual data models
  Business Analyst   Quality Assurance Experts
  >Requirment Gathering   >ETL Load Testing
>Reports Testing
>Web Application Testing


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